Reykjanes Peninsula & Geldingadalir Volcano Eruption

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Reykjanes Peninsula

The Eruption in Geldingadalir has now started again and possible to see this amaizing sight
You can book a volcano tour with us, you just contact us here through the website before you book


The Reykjanes Peninsula runs along the Mid-Atlantic Rift where the Eurasian and the North-American tectonic plates are drifting aparrt, and a bridge between the two continents where you can walk from Amerika over to Europe by crossing that bridge.  Due to this geological setting the whole peninsula is extremely volcanally active covered with lava fields, craters and volcanos, and geothermal hotsprings, and earthquakes are very common here.

In March 19th, 2021 it started a eruption in Mt. Fagradalsfjall inGeldingadalir after an increased seismic activity on the Reykjanes peninsula for over a year. The eruption paused after six months, and now we can walk up the eruption site and have a look over the latest part of iceland, new warm lava.

 Krýsuvík we have Kleifarvatn, one of biggest lake in Iceland, and in 2001 we had big earthquakes in this area and the water level of this lake dropped down about 2,5 metres.

We have Gunnuhver one of the biggest hotspring in Iceland and very active geothermal area, named after Gunnu, an angry female ghost whose spirit was trapped in this hotspring, and Seltún, area of boiling mudpools and steam vents. The highlights of Reykjanes Peninsula is ofcourse the World-Famous Spa Blue Lagoon, geothermal bathing spa, getting huge attraction in Iceland, but it is extra, Not Included.


Possible to add on this tour some extra

Blue Lagoon Spa

ATV tour ( quad bike)


Tour highlights

Mt. Fagradalsfjall volcano

Bridge between the continents

Kleifarvatn Lake

Seltún in Krýsuvík

Lavafields & Craters

Gunnuhver hotsprings


Blue Lagoon ( Not Included )


Tour Details

Duration: 6-8 hours (depending on Blue Lagoon)

Pick-up. 09:00

All year

Min person: 2

Hotel pickup included