Golden Circle Classic

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Golden Circle Classic


Þingvellir the National Park is a favourite stop among travellers on the Golden Circle route. Þingvellir was named a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 2004.

When the Viking settlers in around 900  it was the site they chose as the meeting place of Althingi, the world´s oldest parliament.

Þingvellir holds a special appeal for nature lovers, it is the visible site of the mid-Atlantic Ridge where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet, which are going apart of 2-3 centimetres every year, and creating the Þingvellir Rift Valley and also creating Iceland geology´s youngest country.

And also in Þingvellir, we can find some of the places seen from Game of Thrones, which have this huge attraction for travellers to Iceland.

Next we will visit the iconic Geysir, geothermal area with the erupting hot springs, where Strokkur blows up every 6-10 minutes or so.

After Geysir we move onwards to the rainbow-ridged waterfall Gullfoss one of Europe´s most powerful waterfalls.

And on our way back to Reykjavik, we could stop at Kerið, volcanic creater.


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Snomobile tour on Langjökull glacier, or just Glacier offroading fun


Secret Lagoon gheo thermal bathing spa


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